Join us at Spirit Canoe Lodge for an adventure with wild food and medicine! Plan for the full weekend as a spring retreat to cleanse and renew or one day of adventurous hands on learning. Our first wild food & medicine weekend will take place in Spirit Canoe Lodge’s Native and Medicinal Sanctuary Garden on Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th 2020. $95 covers both workshops and over night accommodations. $70 for both workshops without accommodations. (see below for one day options)

Plant Spirit Medicine & Flower Essences

SATURDAY APRIL 18, 2020 9am-5pm (optional overnight experience) $40 ($25 overnight accommodations)

Come and experience the delicate yet powerful medicine of spring flowers! 

In this class we will cover everything you need to know to make your own flower essence and how to connect into plant spirit medicine. This is an excellent class for beginners or those already familiar with energetic plant medicine. 

Our day begins with a discussion on everything about flower essences among the flowers themselves. We will take a forest saunter together, ID the beauties around us and gather sacred spring water. From there, we will make a group flower essence and break for a bag lunch. Afterwards we will attune/proof the essence together in a plant spirit journey. Each participant will then be able to make their own mother flower essence and swap dosage bottles with other participants. You will leave with the start to your own flower essence apothecary! Since this class is taking place at a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary Garden we will also learn how to use flower essences as a mindful alternative to harvesting rare and protected plant medicine because it can be made without harming the plant.

For those choosing to stay overnight, after a potluck dinner, we will make a second group flower essence under the moon (waning crescent Pink/Flower Moon in Pisces) and take a plant spirit journey to close out our night together. 

What to Bring:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather- layers, rain gear, good hiking shoes. We will be outside for much of the day
  • A bag lunch, water bottle
  • A way to take notes, camera for documentation
  • Medicine making supplies: 1or 2- 1oz amber dropper bottle (for mother essence) and .5oz amber dropper bottles (quantity will be determined by number of participants and will be sent out before the workshop) A small bowl (pottery, crystal, glass, etc) that is special to you or you really like. A glass bottle to store spring water.  *All other medicine making supplies provided. 
  • If staying overnight (optional): $25 for bed space, potluck dinner item, breakfast items and personal items 

Foraging & Feasting: A wild foods workshop

SUNDAY APRIL 19. 2020 10am-3pm $30

Join us at the Spirit Canoe Lodge to get wild!

Together we will walk the land filling baskets and learning to identify the wonderful wild foods available in the Appalachian Mountains. Participants will work together to prepare and cook a meal outside on an open fire with our foraged materials and share it together.

Great for beginning foragers, the class includes an informational and handmade art zine with plant information and recipes for future use. Experienced foragers can add to the conversation, forage with us on our special land and gather new ideas and recipes.

This foraging tour will feature the much sought after Morel Mushroom, ramps and other traditional Appalachian spring tonics and foods. We will discuss wild food as medicine, the importance of connecting to your land when harvesting wild food and being mindful about foraging plants that may need protecting for future generations.

What to Bring:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather- layers, raingear, good hiking shoes, etc. We will be outside all day.
  • A water bottle, trail snacks
  • A way to take notes, a camera to document
  • A basket for foraged materials
  • Your own camping mess kit (bowl/plate, utensils, cup)
  • Optional: foraging tools such as hand pruners, hori hori, folding saw, pocket knife, etc.

About Spirit Canoe Lodge

Spirit Canoe Lodge was founded in 2010 in Ashe County, North Carolina as a sacred space where community could gather together in their desire to “grow corn” on a personal and collective level.  The vision for this Lodge came from an understanding of the healing powers of water and our individual journey in the stream of livingness. The Lodge is located in The Blue Ridge Mountains and near the New River which are ancient, and the many who travel here can feel this deep in their bones.  Nature is our greatest Teacher; the land here is primal, vibrant, and supports a huge bio diverse plant and animal population.  In 2019 Spirit Canoe Lodge transitioned into a non-profit 501c3 organization with the expanded Vision is being a self-sustaining community that nurtures the human spirit and brings balance into the world for generations. Our Mission is to provide space in nature for those who seek self-development and mastery of life.

About Spirit Canoe Lodge Sanctuary Garden

To further Spirit Canoe Lodge’s Vision to serve as a self-sustaining community that nurtures the human spirit and brings balance into the world for generations, we have started a Sanctuary Garden of Native Wildflowers and Forest Medicinals. We know that any sustainable land project deserves the necessary consideration of it’s at-risk plant populations and we hope to honor them by

  • Providing protected space for the native and medicinal plants of our area to repopulate and naturalize 
  • Cultivating At-Risk Medicinals for use instead of harming wild populations 
  • Contributing to a sustainable and fair medicinal herb market in Appalachia
  • Growing a Community that puts connecting with nature and the earth in the forefront of all it does 
  • Inspiring others by providing education opportunities
  • Nurturing a place of beauty and connection to the natural world and all its living things