All Folk Medicine is Story Medicine. Every bottle, every recipe is infused with the magic remedies of the place and person which created it. Folk Medicine is like quilts and chicken soup. Even though every Fire Cider begins in the same way, with spicy aromatics, each batch and recipe tells a different story.

My 2020 Fire Cider Recipe was based on Rosemary Gladstar’s Traditional Fire Cider Recipe. I chose this as my “base” to honor the outcome of The Fire Cider 3 Trial. This trial was a huge win for plant medicine and herbalist everywhere. My base recipe was a nod of thanks and gratitude for their dedication. I also wanted to honor the story and gifts of service I bring to the herbal world and add my own flavor. My 2020 recipe features the plant that has spoken to me the most this year and shown me the work of service and love I need to focus on. Enjoy this video to learn more:

$30 8oz bottle