Hello, I’m Sidhe. Welcome to my world.

Sidhe and the Amanita

My goal is to help connect people with Nature through experiences, magic and medicine to improve their lives.

I believe that your life can be forever changed by building a relationship with Nature. I believe this because it changed me. As a survivor it has helped me live a thriving, embodied life full of pleasure and exploration. It has helped me tune into myself and take better care of myself– not only through plant medicine but a whole toolbox full of resources for regulating and restoring myself.

Nature has held me in my darkest times and whispered messages in the wind telling me how the plants and trees could support me. I learned that the soil loves my bare feet. That the river can wash away what I don’t need and that the mountains are grandmothers who will console my tears. I learned that I am never alone.

I want to share this with others. I want them to know this magic. I want us all to live in this love and collective liberation together. When we foster a relationship with Nature, we not only right our relationship with ourselves but we right our relationship with the world.