A two hour foraging hike that includes a wild food tasting and cooking demonstration afterward at the Foraged & Found Tours Outpost.

Wild Food Experience

An outdoor adventure, a tasty local experience and so much more

Sidhe picks the best locations for seasonal foraging within a 10-45 minute distance from the Foraged & Found Tours Outpost. Locations are emailed out 48 hours before the scheduled hike time to ensure the best location and foraging opportunities. We will meet at the hike location to explore the land and forage plants together for 2 hours. We will all meet back at the Outpost (travel and break time scheduled) where Sidhe will cook our bounty over an open fire and you will have the opportunity to taste our creation, fresh from the mountains. It doesn’t get any more local than this!

To book a tour, please call Sidhe (pronounced ‘Shee’) at (828) 260-5281 or email SidheFeral@gmail.com


April: Appalachian Spring Tonic Wild Food Experience

It’s tradition in Appalachia to wake your body up from a long winter with wild foods and spring tonics such as sassafrass, violet, chickweed and spicebush. This season also marks the time to hunt for our most famous Appalachian edibles, the Ramp and Morel Mushrooms! We will focus on sustainably and respectful harvest of our Ramps which are declining in abundance. Once you taste a Ramp, you will fall in love and want to make sure future generations will enjoy this Appalachian tradition. Our hikes will also feature the Spring Ephemerals that bloom at this time of year for just a few short days before the tree canopy fills in. This time of year is abundant and one of my favorite seasons to forage and explore.

May: Appalachian Spring Wild Food Experience

The spring is full of wild foods! Come and learn how to shop at nature’s grocery store and meet the delicious wild foods that inhabit our mountains. Learn about edible flowers like violet and rose, wild greens like nettle and chickweed, evergreen tips and spring mushrooms!

June: Wildflowers & Weeds of the Summer

Summertime is sweet when you know how to enjoy edible flowers and mushrooms! Meet Chicken of the Woods, elderflower, day lily, and honeysuckle among many more. Our Appalachian meadows are filled with flower medicine and summer sweetness!

Adult $65
Child 8-13 (with adult)$35
under 8 (with adult)FREE

Saturday April 17 11am,

Saturday April 24 11am

Saturday May 15 11am, Sunday May 16 11am

Saturday May 22 11am, Sunday May 23 11am

Saturday May 29 11am, Sunday May 30 11am

Saturday June 4 11am, Sunday June 5 11am

Saturday June 11 11am, Sunday June 12 11am

Saturday June 19 11am, Sunday June 13 11am

Saturday June 25 11am, Sunday June 26 11 am

Cancellation Policy/Information

Your space is not held until you pay for your ticket. Events have limited participation. All events are held rain or shine. If the weather is deemed dangerous (2 hours before the hike) your tour will be rescheduled. Refunds are not given for any reason. We follow all Covid-19 practices for safety, we understand the need to be flexible as we adjust to this new way of living.