Forget-Me-Not Flower Essence A comforting connection with the other side These fairy-sized blue mountain flowers will help unlock the doors to other realms, connect with ancestors and stir up personal and collective memories. Comforting us with a feeling of belonging and connection with those we miss or those we have not met, but know us … Continue reading Forget-Me-Not

Cicada Magic and Medicine

The life cycle of a cicada is a fascinating thing. Hatched from eggs in branches, a tiny rice grain sized nymph instinctively crawls to a branch edge and with out a second thought, steps off the edge falling and falling into the soft forest floor where it begins to burrow. It retreats to the dark … Continue reading Cicada Magic and Medicine

Imbolic Fire Cider Recipe -You Can’t Trademark The People’s Medicine

Fire Cider is an old folk medicine, made in many different homes in many different ways, often passed down through the generations like a good chicken soup recipe. Despite it’s differences, it’s basis is the same: onions, garlic, hot peppers and other aromatics are infused into vinegar, strained, and then added to honey or something … Continue reading Imbolic Fire Cider Recipe -You Can’t Trademark The People’s Medicine