Holiday Close-out on Hedge & Hollow’s EarWing Collection!

In 2019 I had the pleasure of showing my artwork in my solo show, HEX & HEAL FOLKART SPELLS, at Boone's premier gallery, The Nth. My show was a sensory experience involving these jewelry pieces, other works of art, music and herbal cocktails and other deserts and delights. I am ready to move on to … Continue reading Holiday Close-out on Hedge & Hollow’s EarWing Collection!

2020 Holiday Medicine Collection

All purchases can be made through PayPal PAYPAL.ME/HEDGEANDHOLLOW **Limited quantity** All of the medicines and nature fetishes made by Hedge & Hollow are sustainably and ethically wildcrafted. This well known recipe from Hedge & Hollow is a favorite to everyone who tries it! Sassy Tonic features SASSAFRAS, a warming, spicy-sweet root famously known throughout Appalachia … Continue reading 2020 Holiday Medicine Collection

Pink Lady Slipper

Water color Pink Lady Slipper by Stormie Kirk/Hedge and Hollow 2019 Cypripedium acaule Pink Lady Slipper Pink Lady Slipper is an extremely rare and protected native wildflower. It should NEVER be picked, harvested for medicine, transplanted or disturbed in any way. In cases of rescue, care should be taken that it is transplanted where some … Continue reading Pink Lady Slipper