About Hedge & Hollow

Hedge & Hollow’s mission is to connect others with nature and the magic it has for improving life. Hedge & Hollow does this through educational and experiential nature events, herbal products, magical nature inspired jewelry, and ritual art. Modern day people have forgotten the importance of connecting with nature and living in harmony with it like our ancestors did. Connecting with nature is a profound way to open ourselves up to the world and being more present in life. By spending time in nature we can find solace and wisdom, by ingesting wild plants we gain vitality and vigor, by listening to the whispers of the earth in it’s messages through rhythms and signs, we can find the answers and the medicine for all our ails.

Hedge and Hollow creates subtle yet powerful nature experiences that are full of meaningful connections. From plant walks filled with plant facts and folklore, to flower fairy tea parties for kids, to events for adults that involve wild foods and cocktails… each event provides a memorable sensory experience and the inspiration and knowledge you need to keep opening the doors to the green world.

Hedge & Hollow’s Herbal Products are a great way to bring the wild into your life. My products are locally wildcrafted (and/or grown) and offered seasonally. They are responsibly harvested and made with quality ingredients (local when possible). I take great pride in my recipes, creating tasty concoctions that are healthy for mind, body and spirit. I offer a wide variety of magically inspired medicinal products like bitters, tonics and elixirs; plus some infused vinegars, foraged syrups, and flavored salts for concocting into creations at home.  I also offer flower essences, which are energetic plant medicine related to homeopathy, and ritual body oils.

Hedge & Hollow’s Magical Jewelry and Ritual Art are ways to carry the wild, wondrous spirit of nature with you. All the creations are inspired by bugs, bones and leaves I find in the forest and are created with intention to imbibe the spirit of the items. Each piece has it’s own story and message. These items are preserved for longtime enjoyment and magical reminders of the healing power of nature.

Hedge & Hollow interacts with respect and reverence for our natural resources in every event and product Hedge & Hollow touches. Preservation and protection of our natural resources is very important to me and lies at the heart of all I do.

Hedge & Hollow believes that the ancient knowledge of plant and nature healing belongs to the people and should be accessible and inclusive to all. If you are in need of a sliding scale to access my products and/or services please contact me.


Artist, Kitchen Witch and Plant Whisperer