Hello, I’m Sidhe. Welcome to my world.

Sidhe and the Amanita

My goal is to help connect people with Nature through experiences, magic and medicine to improve their lives.

I believe that your life can be forever changed by building a relationship with Nature. I believe this because it changed me. As a survivor it has helped me live a thriving, embodied life full of pleasure and exploration. It has helped me tune into myself and take better care of myself– not only through plant medicine but a whole toolbox full of resources for regulating and restoring myself.

Nature has held me in my darkest times… the grief of losing a child, the loss of my marriage, supporting my daughter through sexual assault and dealing with my own childhood abuse. In those dark days Nature whispered messages to me in the wind telling me how the plants could support me. I learned that the soil loves my bare feet. That the river can wash away what I don’t need and that the mountains are grandmothers who will console my tears. I learned that I am never alone.

I want to share this with others. I want them to know this magic. I want us all to live in this love and collective liberation together. When we foster a relationship with Nature, we not only right our relationship with ourselves but we right our relationship with the world.

Sidhe and the Craggy Trees

This photo was taken at a place I call Moon Rock; a rock outcropping high on a mountain here in Appalachia. It definitely feels other worldly. The smooth worn rock has craters that pool with water and any life that grows is “craggy” or “dwarfed” from exposure to harsh elements. These trees are resilient and their struggle has made them noticeably changed, different yet beautiful. As a survivor and an advocate and ally to survivors, I deeply relate to this poetic story from nature.

I have always considered myself a liminal being, not truly belonging in this world… more faerie than human. I spoke to faeries at a young age and magic always fascinated me. I found witchcraft as a preteen and I came out as queer in my teens. I have learned to see this otherness as a gift and I love creating space for those of us who feel like “other” to thrive. Embracing the wild and the enchanted and sailing my soul has helped me find liberation, authenticity and move through the world more confidently.

I am more shadow than ‘love and light’. I work with Hekate and understand that one can not heal if they can not hex. I believe that magic is a tool for the oppressed and that it belongs to the people. I am a protector and a poisoner. I steward protected medicinal plants and tend a poison garden. I am a beautiful paradox.

Sidhe and the apple tree

I am an Earth Worshiper and Lover. I have a relationship with the Nature where we are both seen and heard. We work hard to build trust. We aren’t afraid to communicate with each other, even when it’s hard. We know we are in this together for solutions. We’ve got each other’s back. It’s still unpredictable and full of fun and inspiration. I believe that there is no compromise in defense of Mother Earth.

As an Eastern European settler on stolen Native land and using knowledge that was often stolen from indigenous or people of color, I am committed to reparations. If you need help to access my offerings, please reach out. I also offer sliding scale and scholarship options for all.