New Beginnings for Hedge & Hollow

I’m finally ready to release my big news! I’ve been chewing on it for quite some time, but it is officially official and I am taking a big bite out of life…

For the past 3 years I have been living in housing for women who have experienced a life of trauma. The idea behind it is that when a woman is provided with stable housing she is able to escape from the cycles of abuse and trauma with a solid foundation and a support network around her. As someone who also comes from intergenerational poverty, having this support was huge for me. I have used this resource to the very best of my ability. I have built myself up from nothing by believing in myself, my gifts and my call to service. I started my own business out of what helped me heal from trauma and grief, what helped me press on through the hardest times. I followed my heart and my passion and the call of the plants and nature guides… and I am moving on to the next chapter…


I will set up on family land and will finally have a place that feels permanent. I can create elaborate medicinal gardens that I won’t eventually have to leave behind. I will have land to explore right out my back door. I get to develop a relationship that I crave and desire- a commitment to a place that feels permanent and consistent.

I will have a base for Hedge & Hollow to grow. A place for my body and my heart to rest and play. A place to plant dreams. A HOME.

This accomplishment feels huge to me. I would never be able to purchase land on my own and this opportunity feels like a dream come true. Many of you that have been following me and supporting me through the years are to thank for this. Everyone who has bought a bottle of medicine or jewelry, everyone who attended a hike or workshop, contributed to Patreon or shared a social media post helped to make this dream come true. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me. I hope we continue to dream and create together, especially as we have space to dream bigger.

I need even more support right now as we move out of my heavy work season and into winter when my income slows down. I am still fixing up my camper, which will be my main living space until the tiny house is finished. Once delivered, the tiny home will need some work before move in can happen- a propane heater installed, insulation and walls and flooring put in…installing the kitchen… the list goes on and on. I feel the anxiety of making it all happen but I know it will come together. All new endeavors feel scary because a part of us wants to remain comfortable where we are. I know that I am following my path and this feels like a step I am ready to take to push myself further. I am currently creating a Patreon tier that will offer really exciting incentives to those who feel called to support this new endeavor. We can do it together!!

I have a lot of goals for Hedge & Hollow’s new beginning:

-The building will mainly serve as an apothecary and office. I would like to get the kitchen space built in and certified in 5 years which includes tapping into existing sewer and water.

-I will be obtaining a Guide Permit to lead hikes and nature experiences on the surrounding 2000 acres of National Forest. I will still offer my private land tours and my medicinal garden consultation services.

-I will build a medicinal herb garden with the goal of adding a greenhouse and a teaching gazebo in 3 years for workshops and classes. These will be used to make Hedge & Hollow products. I will also construct a Forest Medicinal Garden as well as plant Native Wildflowers. I plan to seek United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary status.

-I will be producing video content, self publishing and creating online courses from the property. This helps my work get into the hands of others who may not be able to attend local events. (Also a great idea in these uncertain times of Covid and quarantine).

I can not express how perfect the land is. The woman who owned it loved planting flowers and the property is straight out of a cottage core storybook. EVERYTHING flowers and blooms. Moss covers the rocks and a large creek plays a constant song. It is truly an enchanted Faerieland.

I am beyond excited and I hope you will witness the next chapter of Hedge & Hollow at Feral Forest

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