Covid Medicine from Forest Messages

We are experiencing a life many of us never expected… we are living during the uncertainty of a pandemic. Hedge & Hollow has created a special medicine created by listening to the forest during the time of quarantine. While I was exploring the forest in the slow days, I noticed we were having an abundant year for Reishi and I kept hearing messages about combining the seen and unseen, the mycelium and the tree, the shadow and the light. From these messages, 2 medicines were created with the health needs of this pandemic in mind. They are not only a powerful immune/lung medicine, but also full of the energetics and poetry we need at this current time.  

Reishi is known as the Mushroom of Immortality and is a powerful adaptogen. It helps to balance all parts of our body- our immune system, stress levels, metabolism and so forth. It is also good for the heart (a part of our bodies we all need to focus on listening to and strengthening). Reishi is also a medicine to relieve allergies- helping to make the little things irritating our systems lessen.  

Reishi grows on our dying Hemlock trees here in the Appalachian Mountains. The trees are sick with wooly adelgid and their decaying bodies speckle our mountain tops with their bald limb spires where once it was thick and furry with evergreen needles. Hemlock trees are the gentle giants that protect our mountains and rivers from erosion, provide shade and safe homes for wildlife and help provide therapeutic “blue forest light” when they filter the sun through its needles. Hemlocks are givers, even in the tree’s death it gifts us another powerful and poetic medicine.  

Hemlock Trees are also an immune enhancer; it helps to build the immune system and to lessen the duration of a sickness. Hemlock also has an affinity for the lungs and is a tonic for the respiratory system.  

Hedge & Hollow has made two medicines incorporating this powerful, much needed medicine.  

REISHI TINCTURE 1oz-$12, 2oz-$22 (+$8 shipping) 

A double extraction of responsibly wild harvested Reishi Mushroom from the Appalachian Mountains. Using a double extraction process with a gluten free cane alcohol and mountain spring water, this medicine is powerful and potent. (1 dropper per day dosage to boost immune system, balance all body activity, reduce inflammation, provide allergy relief, and help the heart function) 

FOREST RESILIENCE TINCTURE 1oz-$15, 2oz-$28 (+$8 shipping) 

A double extraction of Reishi Mushroom combined with fresh Hemlock needle tips responsibly wild harvested from the Appalachian Mountains.  This tincture made with gluten free cane alcohol and mountain spring water combines the seen and unseen, the light and the dark, the tree and mycelium creating a full cycle medicine. Reishi is a powerful immune system enhancer and combined with it’s counterpart, Hemlock which is known as a lung tonic. These pair for a special medicine during Covid-19. (1 dropper per day dosage to boost immune system and support healthy lung function) 

Hedge & Hollow will be donating 10% of sales of our Reishi Covid-19 medicines to the Official Navajo Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

As an eastern European settler and herbalist on stolen land of the Cherokee people, I am committed to giving back to the Native people of this land. At this time of Covid-19, Native Americans are facing high death rates as our government once again denies them what they need to survive. Please read more here: 

I recently had a Covid scare when my 19 year old daughter became very ill suddenly with a high fever, swollen glands and body aches. After a week in quarantine, we received negative test results. I was able to treat and monitor her, get her fever down and keep myself healthy. This experience has inspired me to put together Covid Care Kits that will be donated to the mutual aid group in my area, Boone Community Relief. If you are interested in helping with this project by donating herbs/medicine/supplies or helping to wildcraft and make needed medicine, please reach out. It is very important that we all take care of each other in this pandemic.  

For more info about mutual aid during the pandemic please visit

To order, please make payment to PayPal.Me/hedgeandhollow 

Also available for in person pick-up in the local High Country area (Watauga, Avery, Ashe, Mitchell, Yancey County) 

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