(Sorceress’s) Apprentice Needed

I know from experience how hard it can be to start over with nothing. I know from experience that it feels nearly impossible to climb out of poverty (I’m still climbing). How defeating it can feel to not have choices in what you eat, what products you use, where you live, what is around you. I know what it feels like to constantly take one step forward and two steps back. It’s a hard existence and we need to find ways we can support people experiencing this.

I remember feeling so alone and ashamed I couldn’t access the good things I craved in life, the good things that could help me change my circumstances. I wanted nothing more than to have access to different healing opportunities. I wanted them for hope and support and strength to keep going. But of course everything was just to much money to even consider.

So I created my own.

(I know not everyone knows where to begin with that but it is my goal to show everyone they DO have everything they need to heal themselves!)

I don’t believe that healing should only be accessible to those with money. People without money need it even more. It is my goal to make sure I leave space for people to access my work who may not otherwise get the chance. I ALWAYS offer sliding scale and payment plans for my work. Please reach out if this will make my work more accessible to you.

I am announcing the opportunity to work with me as an apprentice.

I am looking for someone (or two someone’s to split the time) who is interested in learning about plants and nature and healing who may not otherwise have access to this education.

It is important to me that everyone have access to knowledge surrounding plants. It is important to me that we all remember how to connect with plants respectfully and heal our relationship with ourselves, the earth and each other.

Ideally we would spend 1 day a week together thru the 2020 growing season, April-November. This requires a serious commitment of time for both of us and only those willing to make this commitment should apply. Each workday requires planning and extra explanation behind the process on my part and shapes my work week. It is very important that we have a consistent schedule.

Your duties will include helping me with my projects and learning about everything I do. This is a free season of herbal education in exchange for hands on work. We will explore new trails for events and hikes, forage and wildcraft, make herbal products, work on garden projects and all aspects of Hedge & Hollow business.

This is at lot of work, but comes with reward. You will help me at classes and attend them for free. By working beside me you will get private plant walks and foraging/plant ID lessons. You will learn the process of herbal product making from concocting, to straining, to bottling, to labeling. You’ll learn how to garble, dry and process herbs as well as grow and tend them. You’ll learn about growing a friendship with nature, based on consent culture and sustainability.

No previous experience is needed, just an interest and serious commitment. All levels of experience welcome. All are welcome to apply and I do my best to create a safe space for all people. The only thing I ask is that you have an open mind and a willingness to listen to the green world.

If you would like to apply please send an email to hedgeandhollowstormie@gmail.com with the answers to the following questions as well as all contact info.

  1. Why are you applying for this apprenticeship? What called you to learn about our herbal allies? Why Hedge & Hollow?
  2. What barriers have you faced in receiving an herbal education?
  3. What previous experience do you have? What do you hope to learn during this apprenticeship?
  4. What special and unique gifts would you bring to the apprenticeship? What are your personal skills, talents and traits that make you, YOU?
  5. What would be the ideal day of the week for you to work with me (10am-4pm)? Would you be able to do this every week April – November? Would you be able to attend events on weekends? What issues could arise that would prevent you from working your committed days?

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