Pink Lady Slipper

Pink Lady Slipper watercolor by Stormie Kirk
Water color Pink Lady Slipper by Stormie Kirk/Hedge and Hollow 2019

Cypripedium acaule

Pink Lady Slipper

Pink Lady Slipper is an extremely rare and protected native wildflower. It should NEVER be picked, harvested for medicine, transplanted or disturbed in any way. In cases of rescue, care should be taken that it is transplanted where some are already growing because of needed mycelium. It is my recommendation that it is only used as medicine in the form of flower essence and plant spirit medicine. 

If you’ve seen a pink lady slipper, you remember it. These flowers are stop you in your tracks strikingly beautiful. They are also very rare. This combination is unfortunately part of their demise. 

When I saw my first Pink Lady Slipper it took my breath away. It was so sexy, so alluring in this androgynous mix of vulva and testes, all and everything at once. It’s flower is called an Orchis which translates into testicle. It’s shape hangs down and it’s veiny appearance make it seem wrinkled. It has lips that lure bees into it’s luscious pink chamber with it’s shades of pink making it seem full of nectar. It has a bisexual reproductive organ called a column that sits at the top opening like a button. Everything about this flower is sexy. 

In an herbalism class on Plant Spirit Medicine we were taking a journey to meet a plant we were deeply drawn to and I chose Pink Lady Slipper. On that journey I was lucky to meet this beautiful spirit. The spirit was neither male or female, more androgynous… a balance of softness and sharpness. Angular body parts moved with grace and pride ringing with many bracelets. Long hair and flowing patterned scarves floated and spiraled a circle dance. Despite the softness, Spirit dressed in feral fancies of fur and leather, wild and strong under the silks. The scarves lifted and revealed a Pink Lady Slipper delicately pinned against the tough leather with bone. They told me it was the “other” and the “self”, “to align the spirit and the root”. It “helps un-morph perception of self and present to the world from the heart”. It is “Two-spirit”. 

I had a personal message from the Spirit as well. They told me to hunt the Pink Lady Wisdom. To kiss them each Spring. To bring my lover hunting for new places to kiss the Pink Lady.

And I do.  

This energetic medicine is:  

for those who are two spirit, genderqueer, gender non conforming and trans 

for those who experience body dysmorphia

for those wishing to speak truth, express your true identity and release shame

for those who want to understand and delve deeper into their sexuality and uncover new layers of intimacy

for anyone who feels disconnected from their sexuality and need to connect the root and spirit

Pink Lady Slipper Plant Spirit Medicine by Hedge and Hollow

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