Total Solar Eclipse

For the total solar eclipse, I was lucky enough to travel just 3 hrs away and found the perfect private spot in a big open field. I drank reishi and hawthorn and built an alter to the sun and the moon and the intimate moment that they shared yesterday. I picnicked on a patchwork quilt and walked through fields barefoot in a twirly skirt. The light was ghostly and golden and the shadows strange and mysterious. Time stood still and moved quickly at the same time and I felt my whole body vibrate in lunar energy. The experience was breath taking, surreal and powerful.
I just experienced it.
I sat in that liminal and surreal space and took it all in, letting it unfold around me.
I let the eclipse’s shadowy fingers hold me in it’s hands. I was a moth vibrating, a flower emitting ultra violet glow.


eclipse pair

These earrings and bracelet are inspired by my experience.

eclipse set

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