The Rose Collection

Ramblin’ Rose Shrub


Summer’s sultry days are even better if you are sipping a luscious cocktail (or sparkling water) with a splash of Ramblin Rose Shrub! It is wonderful in Hendrick’s Gin for a Ramblin Rose Martini, or add a splash to champagne for a special summer toast. For a non alcoholic treat add it to ruby red grapefruit juice and club soda, or give a boost to your herbal ice tea by adding a splash. It’s also fantastic as a sangria ingredient for your next party and will inspire a romantic summer evening! I also love it on it’s own for body and heart health!

Rose Heart Elixir


This is truly beautiful and delicious heart medicine! I crafted a special concoction of rose infused brandy AND rose infused honey for an extra fragrant and luxurious medicinal, that is double packed with rose magic and medicine. Each infusion included rose petals, buds and hips for a whole heart experience.

Mugwort and Rose Smudge


Wildcrafted mugwort, rose and daisy come together for this summer smudge. Dreamy and Romantic.

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