Sassy Bitters- An Appalachian inspired digestive tonic

Warming yet cooling, Bitter but sweet… It’s SASSY!
Bitters are an alcoholic tonic that stimulates digestion. They are often enjoyed before a meal, or used as an ingredient in cocktails or sodas.
This special bitters recipe features SASSAFRAS, a warming, spicy-sweet root famously known throughout Appalachia as a spring tonic to “cleanse the blood”. It is also a digestive aid, helps remove gas and bloat, and is known to elevate mood and clarity. Blended with our tasty BIRCH syrup, which combines with the sassafras for flavors of licorice and wintergreen for a fresh flavor reminiscent of root beer and spring; plus the medicinal benefits of removing inflammation, bloating and supporting the metabolism.
Add to club soda or ginger ale for a tasty drink or take 1-3 droppers 20-30 mins before a meal to aid digestion.

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