Autumn Faerie Walker’s Necklace

What is a Faerie Walker? It’s basically a term I generated for what I experience magically, based off of what I felt before I started trying to find a name for it. Much Pagan history is lost and hard to recover, but you can find many resources on the internet. In Witchcraft lore, there is a common term, called a Hedge Witch, or a Hedge Rider. It is mostly defined as a person who practices a shamanic version of Witchcraft usually involving herbalism to some degree. There is also a modern tradition of Witchcraft called the Feri Tradition in which they see themselves as “Fae” or of the other, outside of social definitions and intentionally living in paradox. Modern Witchcraft is also a big part of feminist and LGBTQ+ culture and provides empowerment by acknowledging both the masculine and the feminine in all living things regardless of gender, sexual preference or identity and celebrate sex and the body and pleasure, things women and queers are often shamed for. All of these combine into my cauldron of solitary witchcraft. I feel that “Hedge” or “Fae” speaks to my unconscious self on a much deeper level. By my definition a Faerie Walker is able to cross between our world, or the seen world, and the Otherworld- the Unseen world, and exist of them both.

I am one of these people. I am very sensitive to the fae, ancestors or land spirits around me. I often hear them when I spend time in nature. One time I even saw them. I don’t remember the first time it happened, but I can remember the faeries talking to me as something that always was. I have always been aware of the unseen world around me and insisted on it’s existence, sometimes to my detriment. Sometimes the message can be very personal and sometimes they can be very large. I received a very personal message while sitting quietly in a hawthorn grove. It spoke to me ancestrally and so incredibly deeply that I felt woozy upon standing. Talking about the experience would move me to tears on several occasions. The time I saw the land spirits, it was because they were very angry about some of the man made problems on the land and they wanted to be sure whoever could hear them knew that. I’ve seen things in second hand stores when I put on a ring or tried on a dress. Sometimes the Blue Ridge Parkway can be overbearingly loud with all it has to say or show me. Sometimes they are very profound and stay with me a long time. Sometimes they are just there. Sometimes they lead me to a new plant to make into concoctions or they lead me to other sparks of inspiration. Sometimes they can be dark and musky with mystery and the unknown.

On the first day of fall, the autumn equinox, the veil between the worlds begins to thin more and more each day until the day it reaches it’s thinnest, Samhain. These are times when it is a bit easier to hear, see and feel the world around us.

We are also in very turbulent times. We all are feeling the chaos around us, the crisis, even in our own tiny bubbles. But it is so much more. People are pushed to the edge about the election, we are realizing we have a major epidemic of racialized police murders and that slavery still exists in America in our justice and prison system, the climate and earth is in danger and private corporations are poisoning our water – the list goes on and on. The veil is thinning on a larger level and we are in our Autumn.  I believe this is helping others see this Otherworld around us a little bit clearer. I hope these charms help you to hear them.

These wings were charged under the Dark Moon during the thinning veil with intentions set for opening up the path way to listening to the Otherworld with your heart.


They say that dying, such as the leaves in the fall, is part of living.


This beautiful trio especially designed for Samhain features rare orange Cicada wings. (Most wings I harvest are green.) They have been carefully preserved in hand applied layers of resin which give it a sturdy plastic like texture, despite it’s delicate appearance. The chain is antiqued copper, and the jump rings have a twist design adding a delicate detail.  The necklace fastens with an antique copper lobster clasp.


Leaves & Sunlight

Featuring a fired Czec glass bead which shimmers in the dazzling colors of autumn leaves.

Just looking at it transports you to the dappled golden glow of the forest in the fall. Let the glass bauble catch the light on your forest walk and stare off in the sparkles to help clear your mind and listen…



Featuring a jade stone, orange cicada wing, antique copper chain, wire, twisted jump ring, and lobster clasp.


Forest Path

Featuring a fall colored Swarovsky crystal,and a hand dyed silk ribbon in the colors of the forest floor- mossy greens and the crisp colors of fallen leaves.

Let this necklace remind you to use your senses to open yourself up to the unseen. The smells of the forest in autumn is rich and earthy. The textures around us are abundant- from moss to crunchy leaves to decaying bark. Explore the seasonal taste of White Pine and Rosehips. Listen to the wind rustle the leaves and the animals frantically gathering their winter supplies chattering, perhaps to the fae we are listening for…

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