Hedge & Hollow

Hedge & Hollow is a unique and different Nature Experience in the High Country. We encourage people to unplug, breathe deep and connect in to the natural world around them through useful, educational information and the beauty and poetry found in Nature. We promise an unforgettable experience that will make deep connections in your heart and mind and open the door to a whole new green world right in your own backyard.


Join me for a gentle saunter through the forest or a magical exploration of our mountain hedges and hollows. Attend an informative, fun and delicious seasonal workshop. Or book a tour of your own property to gain useful knowledge and develop your personal relationship with the plants growing around you. We have an unforgettable nature walk for everyone!


Sustainably wildcrafted and handcrafted with intention to capture the essence of the mountains and her glorious seasons. These lush and rich tasting tonics and poetic potions bring the magic of the mountains to you in any moment, anywhere.

More about Hedge & Hollow and it’s Creatrix, Stormie Kirk

Discover more about my business and what motivates me, the plants I love and my sustainable, respectful wildcrafting practice.

In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks

John Muir